Beirut Law Firm is a Legal Project, a Hub for Legal and Para-Legal Services and related businesses; It is a concept of a congregation of independent Legal and Para-Legal Departments under one Organization.

Beirut Law Firm covers existing or planned-to-be Legal Services and Departments; Some of them has already been launched and some others to be launched in the future. The whole body consists on a comprehensive legal structure for a wide-range of Dedicated Legal Services.

Our Goal is to expand Departments with semi-independent structures within the legal auspices of Beirut Law firm, so that each department works independently by granting fully dedicated and focused services.

Beirut Recovery
+961 4 444 916

Beirut Recovery is a unique and an exceptional concept of Insurance Recovery, innovated and practiced in Lebanon by Beirut law Firm as a third-party service provider.

Mr. Christian Majdalani, with more than Twenty years of Practice, especially in the Insurance Recovery, is the Executive Manager of “Beirut Recovery”, specialized in Insurance Inter-Companies Recovery and third-party Recovery Claims; Mr. Majdalani is the best known in this field of Recovery in Lebanon, thought that Beirut law Firm is the Leading and the Only Law Firm involved in this Full Legal Practice-Area in Lebanon.

Established in 2015, Beirut Recovery became, in two years, the Pioneer of the Insurance Recovery, representing 75% of this Business Sector between Insurance and Reinsurance Companies Active in Lebanon.

Beirut law Firm will be undertaking different Innovative legal-related Projects, coming soon in the future;